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Our Kitchen

At kidzee we make healthy choices. We understand the importance of providing children with healthy choices and good nutrition as the foundation for the development of healthy and happy children.

We freshly prepare meals daily in our own kitchen using quality ingredients -, fresh vegetables and fruits to establish healthy eating habits. Children will receive nutritionally appropriate meals.

Our menu provides 70% of children’s daily nutritional intake. The menu is designed to provide a variety of different foods throughout the week. We are interested in offering a multicultural menu, so any recipes from your family culture are always welcome.

While healthy eating is encouraged at kidzee, we know that for some children, developing healthy eating habits can take time. We create a relaxed eating environment where children can develop a healthy eating habit at their own pace. We are happy to discuss the nutritional needs of your child.

Meals and kidzee should be:

  • Fun –  as children interact and take pleasure in the company of others
  • Exciting – as children experiment and try new meals
  • Relaxed and comfortable – as children are given time
  • Empowering – as children are supported in their learning to prepare the meal table, serve food and drinks and clear away their own plates

We know that meal times may also be messy for younger children! This is all part of your child’s growth and development.

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